Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

Licking MO

My friend Tiff was in town, so off we went to discover the Haight. We found an awesome bar with some really friendly patrons. Luckily it was warm inside, and I got to see the Licking Wildcats t-shirt I had heard about.

You see, my friend Tiff gets to travel the United States quite a bit. Sometimes she gets to go somewhere cool (like SF so she can see me) and sometimes she gets sent to, for lack of a better term, Hickville USA (sorry folks of Licking, it’s true). I guess that all evens out in the end.

Back to the t-shirt. With a name like Licking, you can’t leave without getting some kind of memento with the town name on it. Enter the Licking Wildcats t-shirt. No, it’s not a community college team — it’s not even the high school mascot. It’s the elementary school’s mascot. I know there’s a joke here about people with a 4th grade education, but I’ll refrain.

Normally I wouldn’t be this mean (not in public anyways), especially since the common stereotype for a Tennesseean is I should be barefoot and pregnant with my cousin’s baby. But I did my time in the Show Me state (I’ll have to rant about that nickname another time) and I can safely say I hope I never have to go back — that section of the country is about as f*d up and backwards as you can get.

So there — my mean-ness is showing; you’re seeing the true colors. But, it was awesome to see Tiff again, and she’s one of two friends I made in Missouri that I get to see this weekend… so I guess the place isn’t all bad. It makes for good bonding.

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