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You gotta love the country

I spent the day yesterday riding around the countryside in a convertible — if only everyday could be like that. As we drove up the road, we saw something odd in the distance. As we grew closer we finally figured out it was a very tall tractor riding up the […]

Dreams of Doggies

Last night I had dreams of dogs, and they were all talking to each other. My shar-pei Sam was there, only he kept saying his name was Patty. I can’t remember much of the dream now, other than that part. A gender-changed dog sort of sticks out in your mind…

Nothing says badass like…

Bear on a Harley My first day back in Tennessee and we went to the oldest town, Jonesborough, to a Hog Rally. This ain’t my grandmother’s Jonesborough, either. Jonesborough now allows the sale of beer and wine, unheard of even 10 years ago. We stumbled into a cafe serving town-famous […]

I gots me a new camera!!!

So, this is the 15th image I took with my new digital camera (a big thank you to Sean for helping me justify this purchase). It was one of the first to come out half decent. Kinda funny since it is a picture of my shoddy craftsmanship from putting together […]