Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

Feet Fetish.. Or possibly just shoes

I’ve had quite a few dreams about feet/shoes lately. Last night, I had some kick ass more-than-thigh-high converse sneaks. Black sneakers with some kind of knit/sweater material around the ankle to shin area, followed by striped socks that came up to the mid-thigh. This was topped off with some kind of denim deal that tied together shoelace style at the top. I was sporting them at first with no probs, but later in the dream when I tried to put them on it was like they had grown taller, and were too long for my legs. I decided to wear them under my ripped jeans and they somehow magically fit again. Serfontaine’s are magical that way I guess.

Earlier this week, one part of my dream was that I was trudging through the snow in my fish flops. I think I may have had capris on too. My feet were sort of numb, but not bad. I know this was followed by more wild dreams, but I’ve forgotten them by now.

Not sure what this all means. According to my dream dictionary, the possibilities are: meet new acquainances, have an annoying mystery, disappointment in love, omen of success, or suggest I’m overconfident. Of course, these things are hardly ever right (knock on wood). Not one of them says a thing about fish and pregnancies, which we all know is fact.

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