Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

things i won’t forget

There are so many things during the wedding that I don’t think I will ever forget. Some have larger stories and will be expanded on. Some won’t. And the list might be updated as I remember more of those little moments.

1. Shop towels
2. The tears in his eyes when we were standing at the altar
3. The smile on his face
4. The story of 4:20
5. Being pelted with flower heads
6. My thali’s clasp coming undone during the ceremony
7. The Hindu priest asking how to pronounce Harrison
8. Our First Dance
9. Dance with Dad – all choked up
10. Talking with Shankar in the moonlight while cooling down
11. Enjoying Robert Fleury with friends
12. The colors
13. I’m the lakshmi (and I’ve finally figured out what that means)
14. I wasn’t right for a few minutes
15. The priest being kind enough to move the coconut out of my way
16. That feeling, walking up the aisle and everything else sort of fading away
17. Poor Phoenix bustling me, bustling me, bustling me, and bustling me
18. Chris’s present
19. Getting the photo frames for favors at IKEA
20. How happy everyone was
21. My uncle David talking about making Raju “disappear” during his toast (it was in jest)
22. Martin spilling the beans
23. Tiffany noting that Raju still makes me laugh
24. The smoldering Geeta
25. Being surrounded by our friends and family
26. On the way down the aisle, trying not to cry and Dad saying “Just smile”
27. the Sharp Dressed Man
28. Joey’s dance to Sexy Back

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