Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

Rambling Thoughts on History in the Making

CNN lady continues to speak about race, and how historic it is that Barack Obama , a black man, will be president. And all her cohorts are ignoring her, cutting her off. I’m guessing CNN has laid down the law that this shouldn’t be focused on race, even though it is. If so, god bless them for that. It’s sad that this is a historic moment to me, but I’m glad the historic moment is finally here.

Wow, Bush Sr. is waddling in. I didn’t realize he was this old and decrepit.

Hillary is an impressive woman. I know there are a lot of people that don’t like her, but she’s a former First Lady, a Senator, and now will be part of the Cabinet. That’s an accomplished woman. That’s a lot to achieve, man or woman.

Seeing Bush Sr. again makes me realize they are an accomplished lot too, even if I don’t agree with them at all. Father is there to see son outgoing 8 years as “president, who is also a former president himself. I hate myself for just writing this, but they were successful in making it to the White House.

It’s astounding the sums of money that it takes for this ceremony to happen. It’s amazing the sums of money spent on campaigning. I know it’s important to get the message out, but couldn’t a portion of that money be put to better use somewhere?

Carter has been announced. A bit of fanfare followed by an awkward pause. GHW Bush now descending the stairs. I like their matching scarves.GWH is chatting with everyone as he comes down the stairs.

As Obama, I don’t believe I would want to be compared to Kennedy quite as much as he is, given that that family was cursed and now are all dead.

Hillary is happy – happier than I’ve seen in a long time. She always has the guise of happy, a calculated happy. Today she looks like she’s enjoying her house. Bill looks all business, but slapped a smile on as he descended the stairs. Public game face on.

Damn, the young Obama girl is adorable.

I have to say I’m happy we didn’t go to this. It’s historic, but damn, 20 degrees, completely filled metro stations at 4 am and looking at this crowd… God bless the miracle of TV. And jumbotrons.

Bush looks uneasy as he’s walking to be introduced. He looks shady and shifty, those little beady eyes of his.

“History will change in this next hour.” – some CNN newscaster. …
Our futures will change in this next hour. – me

It’s okay to talk about slavery now. Apparently there was a pen where they were kept just inside the Capitol Building.

Obama’s very tight-lipped. I can’t tell if he’s trying to hide a grin from ear-to-ear or what the deal is. It’s weird.

I hope he lives up to the hype his media campaigning machine managed to create.

Lead us like heaven, or something like that, that insinuated that heaven was a democracy. Last time I checked, it was more like a dictatorship, but the guy leading the thing created everyone and everything… so he has the right to lead. But still, more like a dictatorship.