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Football Season: Full Speed Ahead

The sun filtered through the trees as waited in the driveway. “Are you guys ready to go?” No, they weren’t. “I’m taking off. I’ll meet you there, okay?” I slide into the Fiero and back down the gravel driveway, narrowly missing the trees. It’s the first game of the season […]

Living on the Edge

He caught my eye as the fan blade passed over the hole. Sitting next to a green shoe box. I’ll just ignore him. If I do anything about it, I’ll miss my tv show. At that moment he fell. Hanging on by his little hamster paw, he dangled perilously above […]

Feet Fetish.. Or possibly just shoes

I’ve had quite a few dreams about feet/shoes lately. Last night, I had some kick ass more-than-thigh-high converse sneaks. Black sneakers with some kind of knit/sweater material around the ankle to shin area, followed by striped socks that came up to the mid-thigh. This was topped off with some kind […]

Coffee, Windmills, and Ice Cream

I pondered on the list of questions that must be completed before my first class with Giada de Laurentis – an in-depth look at Coffee. What are the primary flavors in Arabica beans? A. tobacco, musky, with wormsB. a nice floral bouquetC. toasted earth Hmm, I have no idea. I […]

Dreams of Doggies

Last night I had dreams of dogs, and they were all talking to each other. My shar-pei Sam was there, only he kept saying his name was Patty. I can’t remember much of the dream now, other than that part. A gender-changed dog sort of sticks out in your mind…

Cowboys and Indians

As a child I had very few dreams that I remembered. There was one, however, that rocked me, and is still as vivid to me today as it was the morning I woke up. The automatic doors slid open with a whoosh as I stepped into a record store the […]