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Feet, Belur, India

The meaning of feet | Day 13 of 365 days of stories

Feet, Belur, India This photo holds a lot of meaning for me personally. This was taken when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in 2007. We had just had our second wedding in Bangalore and were traveling the countryside near by with his cousins. After a day or […]

Millions of years ago

Actually, just a couple of months ago – but the DC reception in September feels like ages ago. When we arrived back from our trip there was a CD in the mail from Martin with more pictures from the DC reception. They’re now added to the DC reception , and […]

Greetings from Dubai!

The picture above is not mine — our friend Pathy has already posted pictures on Picasa of our wedding in Bangalore and I thought I would share. Click here for pictures. Update: A bit of a recap of the wedding from Raju’s cousin, Indu. Raju & Courtney Wedding:The Bangalore Finale […]

And… More Pictures!!

We received the pictures from the DC reception and they’re posted in my family pictures within travels. I’ve also finally gotten around to resizing and adding the wonderful photos Martin took of the rehearsal dinner and that he and Phoenix took at the wedding . Someday, we’ll also get his […]