the Living Room: A work in progress

September 13, 2010

Living Room - Before & After

After is a bit of a misnomer in this picture, this is really a “during”, because there’s still much work to be done in the living room. However, as you can hopefully tell from the picture, we’ve done a lot of work in this room. When we moved in, the room was a greenish yellow, with an accent wall of a lighter yellow, so the biggest help was just getting a new coat of paint up. We used Behr’s paint and primer in one in Silver Screen to coat the walls, as I was going for that light shade of gray in Excel (yes, I’m such a geek, I know). I have to say, I love the Behr paint (and no, this isn’t a paid advertisement). I was lucky enough to have 4 extra people around the day we painted the living room, and with 2 gallons and an hour or two, we had that plus the entry way done. See more pictures and details below. (more…)