As Twilight Settles

October 9, 2006

I curl up on the couch and settle in to watch a movie. A couple of nights ago it was Gentleman Prefer Blondes, a favorite of mine for obvious reasons — well, maybe not. I’m blonde, I like old movies, especially those done in technicolor, and I love Marilyn Monroe.

It is a rather cheesy movie, but it makes me laugh. While I was watching it I came to realize just how much the ideal body shape has changed over the years. Believe me, I’ve never been a proponent of the whole “you should love your body as it is” movement. You should try to stay slim, look nice, be healthy, not get fat, etc.

But if you compare Marilyn or Jane Russell to any of the “famous” actresses of today, wow. They look like skeletons. At what point did skeletons become sexy? Or, at what point did curvy Marilyn become fat?

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