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August 11, 2006

Bear on a Harley
Bear on a Harley

My first day back in Tennessee and we went to the oldest town, Jonesborough, to a Hog Rally. This ain’t my grandmother’s Jonesborough, either.

Jonesborough now allows the sale of beer and wine, unheard of even 10 years ago. We stumbled into a cafe serving town-famous beer, which I at first laughed at, but it was pretty good. I think they could bump up their status and say regionally-famous microbrew.

About 2 minutes after arriving at the rally, the rain started to pour from the sky. So we made our way under an awning, hoping it would blow over. When it didn’t, we stepped into a gallery, enjoying some of Sherry Jo’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Since the rain didn’t subside, we made our way to the Main Street Cafe, where we enjoyed the famous beer and a Chess bar. The gods must have just wanted us to have a beer, because after we finished, the rain quit falling, and we continued enjoying the bikes.

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