Fieldtrip to la Galeria

September 13, 2010

Carousel Rooster

So today we took a trip to La Galeria to switch up the artwork, which means I’m in the same building, new space. Since I had the camera with me to take some pictures of the new setup, I also took some pictures of the gallery, since I haven’t done so since my work was in Dos.

New space at La Galeria

My new space at the gallery is a bit smaller than the last one, so it’s a good thing a few of the framed pieces have sold (not to mention this artist likes making a little cash money on occasion).

Sunday, September 19th Glen O’Neil and Allyson Sanburn Malek will be the featured artists for the artist reception. Both have very whimsical work, Glen working in sculpture (that’s his huge flower vase above) and Allyson working in acrylics and encaustic, resulting in layered paintings with a beautiful depth (that’s a view of her space below). So if you’re up for getting out and about, enjoying some yummy food and gorgeous art, check out the artist’s reception from 2 to 5 pm in Moss Landing next weekend.

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