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March 21, 2007

Reading my friend Pappy’s site today made me think of thoughts I had a while back. It also made me get off my ass and go for a walk, which Milo enjoyed greatly.

I’m not sure if I’m just on Cloud 9 lately, or if I’m just trying to focus on the good things, and not the stress and worry of the future, the past, the what ifs, etc. It’s not a concious focus, so maybe I’m just slowly, slowly learning to relax.

As I was walking Milo the other morning, the bees were buzzing, it was pleasantly warm, the sun was shining, the flowers on the bushes were blooming. I smiled. As I smiled, and side-stepped the snail, I started making a list in my head of all the things that make me smile, and make my worries melt away.

When I stepped out today, and saw the leaves above, I decided when I got back in, whether or not I had the time, I would at least sit down and put some of my thoughts down in writing…

Things that Make me Smile

  • Colors in nature – especially when they match the vibrant outfit I’m wearing
  • The sun warming the crown of my head
  • The smell of flowers blooming on the first day of spring
  • Milo’s prance
  • Nin ordering me a birthday present off the internet (and it getting here!)
  • The smell of Indian food on my right hand
  • Raju laughing at my loving his Mom’s mango pickle
  • Raju’s mom taking the time to show me how to make her mango pickle
  • The brilliant blue of the sky
  • The slightly damp air on a warm morning
  • The pomeranian on the trail with it’s butt shaved (actually, this one made me laugh)
  • The twinkle in Raju’s eye when he laughs at a little kid running
  • Being moved to create something
  • My Dad’s hug
  • Lounging outside while typing this list, or enjoying a glass of wine in my little outdoor sanctuary in the evening

  • The sparkle of my engagement ring in the sun
  • The first time I start up the grill when the weather warms
  • Having good friends and the most wonderful family
  • Cupcakes, with or without sprinkles
  • Getting flowers
  • Raju’s hand gently rubbing mine
  • Memories
  • Water
  • Knowing I will see Mom soon
  • My dried herb garden
  • My live roses
  • California Poppies
  • Wearing a sarong
  • Palm trees
  • Milo’s smile 🙂

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