Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

Ninja squirrel meets hunter dog.

I wish I really had a picture of what happened today. Unfortunately I don’t, so Milo chewing on his toy squirrels will have to suffice.

I took Milo for a walk today and as we approached the other side of the complex, a squirrel ran up a small tree. Milo heard it, saw it, smelled it. He was locked in and not going anywhere.

I could see the squirrels thought process – probably because it’s very similar to mine (meaning my thought process is usually very transparent to others). Look up, look over, look around. Oh shit, I’ve got nowhere to go. So, instead of scurrying to the top of the tree, he goes into squirrel warning mode. He starts making a chirping noise, which is what the toy squirrels do (amazing). This drives Milo nuts. He paces, trying to find a way to get into the tree. He looks at me like, “Come on lady. Knock that damn squirrel out of the tree so I can kill it. You’ve got to be good for something.”

The squirrel decides we’re not budging, so he continues the chirping noise and stands up on his hind legs. This is the funny part where I wish I had a picture. He grabs the tiny twig/branch in front of him with his two front paws, grasping it crosswise against his body like it’s his fighting stick. Priceless.

So, Milo didn’t catch the squirrel. We eventually walked away (my doing, not Milo’s). The squirrel lives to see another day.

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