Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

There’s not a blonde among them…

“Yeah, we lack that sort of precision.”
“Heh – yeah. ‘We’ll just do our own thing – we’re blonde.'”

Before the Chinese junks are being projected on the floor, there was a beautiful performance leading into that – men in a green and yellow dip-dye costume, with a woman above them, dancing (maybe on the scroll that was later on the floor? unsure – I was too captivated by the costumes). The commentator (more on him later) said it was Indian influenced, but I think more Thai – Raju weighs in with Burmese. Anyway, the costumes throughout most of the opening ceremonies are absolutely beautiful – but these were my favorite.

This really led off with the best portion of the performance I think. I love Chinese junks, I loved the scroll on the floor and the idea of using dance to draw – the display, the LED – it was all so well choreographed. The costumes that lit up and the people forming the chinese coin (I know these probably have a term, but I never studied Chinese art history – so I don’t know what they’re called). They ran as fast as they could at each other but all the while they maintained what appeared to be a perfect circle (which, is where the precision comment above came in). Amazing….

And really, what the hell with the commentator? If I had kept up with the put downs coming out of this f*cking moron… “Let me remind you – this country has never won an Olympic medal – and these people here – they have no dream of getting a medal. And really – why are you even here??!! You [insert small country here] – you SUCK!!!” I was dumb-founded, truly, by the commentator. How could any network put someone on the air that is such a moron?

But back to the performance – the word takonauts makes me laugh – octopus in space is what I’m thinking.

And we just got a crotch shot of Bush – checking his watch because apparently all of this is so damn boring. Thank god his wife has slightly more manners (brains?) and at least appears to be enjoying herself. God, we pray for November to be a turning point, and come January to be rid of this idiocy.

And talking about the heat – if this were in America, during the parade of nations, some Nelly would be playing, and there would be some wardrobe malfunctions for sure…

I have to say – never watching the parade of nations before – I can’t believe I’ve missed this. Since a child, I’ve loved the flags alone. But to see the people of the nations, to hear the music… ahhhh – I love this. Seeing the different costumes/uniforms, hearing the Chinese pronounciation – Ja-ma-i-ca.

And again with the scroll – amazing the thought that was put into it and its use throughout from performance to parade. It was beautiful to begin with, but as a constant… I love the use in parade of nations – people walking through the pigment, transferring to the scroll, for a piece of art that will live for a period of time.

What were they thinking when they created the suits for the Hungarian women? For once, even though the commentator was an ass, I couldn’t argue. Bleh.

Iraq was in the house. How did Bush react? Well, at least he’s aware enough not to be scratching his balls or checking his watch this time. I guess he’s on high alert considering the enemies with weapons of mass destruction are in front of him (yes… that was alert on his face).

And I forget which country this was, but again with the commentator being an ass: “The only two women on the team… The daughters of prime ministers… but I’m *sure* that’s *just a coincidence*.”

I love Poland’s clothing choice – one of the few that didn’t even try to make the men and women look the same. The men look dapper, the women nice in their red dresses.

USA comes into the parade. Bush stands up, looks alert. His wife has the same smile plastered on her face as she has the entire time. I might re-think the earlier comment about brains.

“My what a nice pole you have, Mr. America,” is the look plastered across the Chinese girl’s face who escorts the team in.

And then the American ladies — Woooooooo! We’re just boobies away from Girls Gone Wild here!

And somewhere after this point, I konked out for the night, missing the amazing torch lighting. But luckily, I have the internet, and can catch it the next morning.

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