Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy
Art & Photography by Courtney Krishnamurthy

I’m back – still nutty. 68 stolen questions and one of my own.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
Sometime between 7 or 8 am.

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Both, but I love the colored stones. Black or yellow pearls, blue or yellow diamonds. Always wanting something different 🙂

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
It’s been so long I can’t remember. One thing that sticks out is Team America – which was the first movie I saw after moving to California. I know I’ve seen movies since, but haven’t the foggiest what they were.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Paula Deen and Everyday Italian from Food Network, Family Guy, My Name is Earl. Guilty pleasures: The Apprentice Martha Stewart and Gilmore Girls.

5. What did you have for breakfast?
2 teaspoons of tylenol with codeine – I recently had my tonsils removed.

6. What is your middle name?

7. What is your favorite food?
There’s too many to pick. But I’ll never pass up a filet with a baked potato (butter, bacon, cheese please) and garlic bread. Also spicy octopus gunkan. Anything from Paul Prodhomme’s cookbooks or restaurant.

8. What foods do you dislike?
Until Christmas my answer would have been mushrooms. Actually, it still is. However, at Christmas my uncle made a wonderful mushroom risotto that sort of flipped that answer on its head. I liked (loved) the risotto, and even the mushrooms in it, but I’m still sticking to my “I don’t like mushrooms” mantra.
Also, uni.

9. Your favorite Potato chip?
Jalapeno (kettle style) or Cheddar and Sour Cream (ruffles). Or, reduced fat plain ruffles (I think they have less oil – or they taste less greasy, at least) with Kraft French Onion party dip. Yum!

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?
I’m still diggin The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack. I love everything on that CD other than the Devo song. Love the movie too. Was jammin’ to Tupac yesterday, though.

11. What kind of car do you drive?
2000 Honda Accord – bought for a handsome price from my favorite aunt. Only 2 more months til it’s paid off – woohoo!

14 Favorite drink?
Coke – favorite style in this order: 1) Imported from Mexico in the glass bottle, 2) good fountain coke (I had one of the best at Century 25 theater in San Jose), 3) 8 oz glass bottles of coke, 4) 8 oz aluminum pony cokes. Plastic bottles are at the bottom of the barrel, especially 2 liters.
For the harder stuff: Champagne and sparkling wines, Gin Fizz, Jack and Ginger, Cyclones.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be?
Spain – I know nothing about it but for some reason I want to go. Not sure what part so I guess I’ll just have to tour all of it.

16.What color is your bathroom?
Recently redid it. It’s now walnut wood, white, and a foresty green. I live in an apartment so my accessories are about the extent of my color choices.

17. Favorite brand of clothing?
Stuck on JCrew lately. Also, Free People, most things from Anthropologie (especially Moth), Black Market | White House. Recently fell in love with a jacket from 3JWorkshop but can’t afford it or any of their other stuff… Waiting for a sale.

18.Where would you retire?
I used to think a Carribbean island, but now I’m digging Wine Country and Carmel, but they’re way too expensive.

19 Favorite time of day?
I hate mornings, but it’s my most creative time (early, early, like 5 am). Six or seven pm I feel the best – it’s quitting time!

21. Favorite sport to watch?
FOOTBALL! Go UT! (Tennessee if you don’t know me well) I wish the 49ers or the Raiders would get good so I’d have a good team near me. I don’t understand the sport fully, but I definitely get into it. Nothing better than having a beer and some greasy food and screaming at the top of your lungs.

22. Who do you least expect to send this back?
I don’t plan on sending this out, just posting it. If you want to send one to me, though, copy and paste and fill in your answers. Send it to maddhatter at maddhatterslab dot com. Or, post it on your blog and email me the link.

23. Person you expect to send it back first?
See 22.

24. What laundry detergent do you use?
Tide with Bleach – I like the powdered kind but the boyfriend pushes the liquid kind. We have liquid coldwater tide at the moment.

25. Coke or Pepsi?
Did you not read #14?? Coke, hands down.

26. Are you a morning person or night owl?
Night Owl by nature.

27. What size shoe do you wear?
Anywhere between an 8 and a 9.

28. Do you have pets?
Milo! He’s my baby, my pal. A shepherd, rottie, chow mix. He has a gallery, check it out. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet — seriously. Even people who don’t like dogs like Milo.

29. Any new and exciting news you’d like to share with your friends?
2006 goals: Get an online store up and start selling some of these photos! If I don’t do that, kick my ass. Secondary goal is to get Gigi’s Finds updated daily and some traffic heading there. Other than my goals, life is pretty much the same for me… kinda boring lately. And truly, my goals are the same as last year’s and the year before that.

30. What (who) did you want to be when you were little?
First a scientist, then a rock collector. Then I decided it would be much better if I didn’t have to work and the postman just brought me money in the mail. 🙂 I’m still wanting/wishing for #3 today.

31. Favorite Candy Bar?
Fifth Avenue, Whatchamacallit, PayDay (my dad used to buy me one of these after every one of my swim lessons as a kid from the vending machine).

33. What are the different jobs you have had in your life?
Hostess at the Olive Garden, picture framer, tutor for kids program, librarian, Hooters waitress, operator, spammer (sorry, permission-based emailer, I know you still hate me…. Look at the monkey!! Punch the monkey!! Not me!), photo coordinator, tinkering marketing brainiac

34. Favorite season?
summer – though I’m not a big fan of that word anymore

35. Nicknames you’ve had?
Pugs, Pugsley, Corky, Courts

36. Piercings:
two in each ear and one in my navel – the navel piercing my friend video-taped. Class was cancelled so we decided to go get my belly button pierced. I miss college.

37. Eye color:
Blue/green. Blue rim on the outside, green on the inside, and they sort of starburst into each other in the middle.

38. Ever been to Africa?

39. Ever been toilet papering?
Once, in high school. TP’d a friends house. With friends like me, who needs an enemy?

40. Love someone so much it made you cry?
Only lately. I leak too much lately over anything and everything.

41. Been in a car accident?
3 – but only one was my fault. None bad, just dents in the bumpers.

42. Insert your own question here and answer:
What books are you currently reading? (It’s boring, but I figured we had asked about every other medium, might as well throw in books… Reading is a lost art.)
Frida, Henry Miller’s The Air Conditioned Nightmare (I’ll probably be posting about this one in a while), Letters from a Nut

43. Favorite day of the week?
Sunday – I just wish we had Monday off.

44. Favorite restaurant?
K Paul’s (New Orleans), Le Fou Frog and Oklahoma Joe’s (Kansas City), Bin 36 and the Grillroom (Chicago)

45. Favorite flower?
Bluebell roses, tiger lilies. I also really like tulips.

46. Favorite ice cream?
Yellow cake batter from Cold Stone Creamery… but I’ve only had it once and been jonesing for it ever since, so it may be pumped up in my head.

47. Disney or Warner Brothers?
Disney – vintage disney. The new stuff sucks.

48. Favorite fast food restaurant?
Depends on what I’m craving. I have my favorites at each place:
Kirk’s Steak Burger (1/2 pound steak burger), Wienerschnitzel (2 chili dogs and one corn dog), Popeye’s (2 piece spicy chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and red beans and rice), Jack in the Box (sourdough jack with curly fries), Sonic (footlong coney with cheese, mustard, and onions, tater tots, and a cherry limeaid or ocean water), Krystal (4 cheese krystals and 2 corn pups, I used to love their chili cheese fries but they moved away from waffle fries and now they suck), Chik-fil-a (8 piece nugget, waffle fries, and lemonade).

49. What color is your bedroom carpet?

50. How many times did you fail your driver’s test?
none – so, so easy

51. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail?
my last email came from my cuz Thomas, but I didn’t get this in an email. It came from Stephanie Klein’s blog – another guilty pleasure (I hate admitting I do/like anything too girly).

52. Which store would you choose to Max out your Credit Card?
Adrienne’s in Los Gatos or Nordstrom or Anthropologie

53. What do you do most often when you are bored?
surf the web, stare at the ceiling, numb my mind with TV, play with Milo

54. Bedtime:
unfortunately since living with the boyfriend sometime between 9 and 11. The alarm goes off around 6 in the morning and my sleep is shot, thus killing my normal night owl tendancies.

56. Last person you went to dinner with?
My mom and the boyfriend. Shebele Restaurant in Campbell. My mom’s first escapade with Ethiopian food. It was my “last supper” before having my tonsils removed.

57. Ford or Chevy?
God, neither. Why would you buy an American made car?

58. What are you listening to right now?
Today on NBC

59. What is your favorite color?
purple was the answer as a child – I don’t really have a favorite anymore so I default to purple.

60. Lake, Ocean or River?
Any water makes me happy, stress-free, and at home 🙂 I had a palm-reader tell me I needed to be near water – she was so right.

61. How many tattoos do you have?
One – a cute rainbow, but no, I’m not gay.

62. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Whoever comes up with these questions has too much time on their hands.

63. How many people are you sending this email to?

64. Favorite Cocktail?
Gin Fizz – unfortunately most bartenders don’t know how to make it. Gotta love New Orleans… they know how.

65. Red or White wine?
Red, I drank a glass of white before getting food poisoning and I’m not a big white fan anymore.

66. Where would you go for a girls or boys weekend get-a-way?
To the mountains to go camping. Real camping – no camp sites and restrooms and all that jazz. Just out in the woods, communing with nature and the boys. I don’t see my on a girls weekend getaway…

67. What do you want to be?
When I grow up? I’m almost 27 and have not a clue. Nothing holds my attention past the 8 month mark.

68. Republican or Democrat?
Lesser of two evils: Democrat

69. Favorite Family Vacation?
St. Thomas

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