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Stairway to heaven | Day 16 of 365 days of stories

Stairs, St. Peter’s Basilica This picture is one of those literal pictures that doesn’t require too much story, too much explanation. Italy has any number of long, steep stairways that wind and curve their way up into the domes of various basilicas or towers. There was something special about this […]

Elephants in Rome | Day 14 of 365 days of stories

Elephant & Obelisk, Rome Oh when the elephants, come marching in! When the elephants come marrr-ching in! Oh how I want to be in that square, when the elephants come marching in! Elephant and Obelisk really has nothing to do with Louis Armstrong, but when I see this guy, he […]

from the Ponte Vecchio | Day 4 of 365 days of stories

from the Ponte Vecchio, Florence It had been a jam-packed day in Florence. We had walked the city, been to the Museo Galileo, stood by the River Arno watching the rain fall, debating on whether or not to continue on. The clouds parted, and we started across the Ponte Vecchio, […]