The Monte Carlo girl

June 28, 2011

Monte Carlo girl
image from

As I’ve thought about what to do with our master bath, art is one of the many things that has stuck out in my mind. I’ve wanted to have old movie posters featuring pin-up girls, or something evocative of these posters. Maybe Vargas girls. Just something fun, flirty, and that I don’t care if it gets ruined by humidity (not that it’s been a problem in the past, but just thinking).

I have other defined ideas – marble tile, open shower, cool grays, etc. When I stumbled upon this picture in one blog or another, I decided it would be the perfect image for the future bathroom. Cool grays, warm yellow, a bit sexy. I’m sold. The only thing to ponder is how to frame it. Just the girl, or the whole poster? Oh, and when to embark upon the massive master bath remodel. That’s the bigger question.