The Vision

August 21, 2012

kitchen vision

So last week, instead of just thinking about the kitchen, I spent the better half of my morning concocting a mock of what the kitchen could look like. My husband joked, “Can we just post that picture on Facebook and say that’s what we did?” Joking aside, he liked it, and now I think it’s time to get started on sourcing products, stripping cabinets, and all of the fun that comes with. (more…)


Slow Evolution of a Kitchen

August 16, 2012

As I’m beginning to think about what the next steps are for the kitchen, I realized I’ve never really posted any pictures of the updates we’ve made so far. While they’ve been minimal – a coat of paint, new appliances, little decor – they’ve still helped the kitchen come a long way from it’s almost-not-functional sponge painted days. (more…)


The ultimate test tube spice rack

July 5, 2012

Test Tube Spice Rack

Since I first laid eyes on a test tube spice rack, I’ve had an slightly nutty obsession with having one. I believe it was in high school when I first saw them, and they seemed soooo expensive back then. And even then I understood how impractical the they were — at most they held 40 spices, and the tubes were tiny. So as I moved into my own place, graduated college, started making my own money and could actually afford one of these spice racks (plus, they didn’t seem quite so expensive later in life), I still refrained from purchasing one due to those drawbacks.

After we had lived in our house for a while, I started revisiting the idea of having a test tube spice rack. For one, my spice shelf was a mess, and I had an overflow bucket of spices above the stove. Second, after having a house, I’ve come to realize how many different items you can track down on the internet these days for purchase. Large test tubes? Not a problem! A rack for 100 of these? Well, that posed a bit more of a problem, as such a thing didn’t seem to exist. (more…)