About the Madd Hatter

April 8, 2010

about the girl…

I’m a southern girl, displaced, but loving every minute of it. I drift through life, trying to just enjoy the moment, which I’m sometimes successful at and sometimes… not so much. Creating is my passion, and for years I’ve been creating a bit of everything, from drawings, paintings, and photography, to food, furniture, and clothes. As you can probably tell, focus is not my strong suit… at least not for the long haul.

This blog started as a way to share my thoughts on my photography, but given my tendency to jump from topic to topic, it has evolved over time as a way to just share my life. Photography is still a big focal point, but so is sharing information on the books I’m reading, the songs running through my head, the joy I feel riding a bike, the newest technicolor movie I watched. In the end I think all of these things affect what I make, so what better way for you to understand, no?

about the art…

Color, light, object, and story. These four elements have enchanted me for years in various ways. My photography aims to bring all of four of these elements together to produce a visually stunning piece of art, hoping it evokes a familiarity, a memory, or a sense of whimsy, fun, and play within the viewer.

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kansas City Art Institute and have displayed work in various galleries around the city, including the Society for Contemporary Photography and the Kelvin Gallery. Now I reside in Campbell, California, and displays work at La Galeria in Moss Landing, CA.