The orchid that not only survived, but thrived

September 8, 2011


I’m notoriously bad with plants. In my younger days, I actually managed to deflate a cactus within a week. Not kill, but deflate. I definitely had not inherited my mom’s green thumb.

Then I moved to California, and all of that changed. Pretty much anything grows here. Of course, I still have my problem plants. Spinach didn’t like my garden, and cucumbers don’t like me either. Since bringing basil with white flies into the house, my herbs don’t stick around so long. The orchid however…

Friends gave us this orchid when we moved into the house two years ago. I had anticipated enjoying the flowers and then losing the plant to my brown thumb. Somehow this guy just keeps coming back and blooming, bigger and better every time. Right now there are 11 blooms fully opened on it (all of them, this photo was taken a week or so ago when they still hadn’t all opened). (more…)