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July 13, 2012

Office Cork Board

The house projects that I’ve put off for so long are slowly being ticked off my list. The latest is my over-involved office corkboard, for which I picked up the corkboards late last year. Then they sat in the garage, wrapped in their plastic, until a few weeks ago when apparently a bee buzzed into my bonnet and I decided what the heck! Let’s get started on this project!

Why would a simple corkboard hung over the desk be such a complex task? Well, in true Madd Hatter style, I couldn’t do simple corkboard.

First: It needed to be the width of the two cabinets that are above the desks.
Second: I might not always want to stick a tack through something – maybe I needed some magnetic areas?
Third: I like to write quick notes to myself. A white board might be useful.
Fourth: It needed to be pretty.
Fifth: It might as well be inspirational while I was at it.

And now you get a sense of why my projects typically snowball into some daunting task that I’m not anxious to start let alone complete. (more…)