The Vision

August 21, 2012

kitchen vision

So last week, instead of just thinking about the kitchen, I spent the better half of my morning concocting a mock of what the kitchen could look like. My husband joked, “Can we just post that picture on Facebook and say that’s what we did?” Joking aside, he liked it, and now I think it’s time to get started on sourcing products, stripping cabinets, and all of the fun that comes with.

While I didn’t go to the trouble to find a live example of the dwell tiles to get the texture (and depth perception) correct, I think this gives me enough visual to go on for now. What do you think of the changes?

6 Responses to “The Vision”

  1. Love the sink! Have you seen this place: – amazing tile!

  2. Love it! I second the love of the sink!

  3. I haven’t seen them, Kim, thanks! This will give me a good alternative if I decide the Heath Ceramics tiles are too expensive.

  4. The Rex Ray tiles, with TYPOGRAPHY!!! are pretty up there too… :/

  5. Love , love, love!!

  6. It is going to look great!

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