Oh! Marie Laveau | Day 5 of 365 days of stories

August 26, 2010

Marie Laveau's Final Resting Place, New Orleans
Marie Laveau’s Final Resting Place, New Orleans

As sung by Papa Celestin

There lived a conjure lady not long ago
In New Orleans Lou’siana named Marie Laveau.
Believe it or not, strange as it seems,
She made a fortune sellin’ voodoo and interpretin’ dreams.
She was known throughout the nation as the voodoo queen.
Folks come to her from miles and miles around.
She’d show them how to put that voodoo down.
To the voodoo lady they all would go,
Rich, educated, ign’ant, and po’.
She’d snap her fingers and shake her head.
Then tell ’em ’bout they lovers livin’ or dead.
An old, old lady named Widow Brown
She asked why her lover stopped comin’ around.
The voodoo gazed at her and squawk:
“I seen him kissin’ a young girl way up in Shakespeare’s Park
Hangin’ round an oak tree in the dark.” (more…)