Two Flowers | Day 12 of 365 days of stories

September 23, 2010

Two Flowers, Hog's Breath Inn

Carmel-by-the-Sea might be one of my favorite places on earth. Come on, the name alone sounds enchanting. Add quirks like no addresses, and this place is like something from a fairy tale.

I’ve spent a bit of time in front of the fireplaces that dot the courtyard of Hog’s Breath Inn’s pub, drinking Guinness and sipping pinot noir. One day, while partaking in drink, these two purple flowers fell from overhead. The lines of the table reminded me of ancient writing, some poetry, perhaps, or maybe sheet music. The two flowers circled, like two dancers waiting to embrace. Mother Nature rang in on this one too, providing the overcast sky that gave this picture a nice white light, lending to the ethereal feel.