If you’re going to San Fran-Cisco….

August 16, 2007

We forgot to pack the flowers, but we did meet quite a few… well, interesting people. Tuesday we packed in a lot while visiting San Francisco. We saw the Golden Gate bridge, drove through Sausalito, down Lombard Street, hit the Haight and visited the Grateful Dead house. Then, down to the wharf and Ghiradelli Square, topped off with a dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Then, yesterday we went to see the otters!! I’ve been wanting to see the Wild About Otters exhibit for a while in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Last night Tiff finally got here and we hit the Pizzeria again, then came back and had our pict made with the sphere the people down the street made…

So, check out the photos! Again, some haven’t been rotated, but here they are, unsorted 🙂

All Festivities of the Wedding Week

Monterey Bay Aquarium

San Francisco

Deep Sea Fishing in Santa Cruz

Miscellaneous Photos from the Week


We’ve Kicked off the Wedding Week with…. FISHING!!!

August 14, 2007

Yesterday we were up at the crack of dawn, after 2 hours of drunken sleep. Mom drove the caravan down to Santa Cruz, where we watched the sun come up while listening to the bark of the sea lions.

Once we were on the boat we got set up with some squid on the line and waited to hear the magic words, “Okay, drop your lines.”

Everyone caught some fish… Though Tammy’s kept getting thrown back (she was catching rare and elusive fish).

Tammy all geared up:

Courtney’s first fish:

Raju’s catch:

Martin’s pretty red fish:

Bob and Mom hooked fish at the same time:

I think we caught around 50 fish in all. Last night was good eats for sure.

You can check out all of the photos here. I haven’t yet rotated all of the photos, and they are wacky out of order, but enjoy! (Some photos are mine, some photos are from Martin’s camera, and there are even a few movies from Martin at the end.)


Cincin’s Airport is a Hub of Activity

July 14, 2007

Today is opposite day. Remember opposite day? When your friends (or enemies, more likely) would say or do something, and you would say “Nuh-uh! It’s opposite day!”

Last weekend — I think it was last weekend, it feels so long ago — last weekend we had the flights from hell on Delta. The first two flights were majorly delayed, but we make it to the gate in Cincinatti 4 minutes before the plane was supposed to leave, and that plane, the one that would have taken me where I wanted to go, was already gone.

So we get some meal vouchers and eat. Then we chill in the Cincinatti airport, where you could find a private area, because no one and no planes were there.

But, we make it to TN, and we have a fine time there, partying at Bob’s and eating a fine lunch cooked by my uncle.

Sunday evening was more fun times on Delta. Delayed again, of course, the other flight wasn’t. They send us to San Francisco insted of San Jose. They give us meal vouchers. That’s what I want at midnight in SF – a meal voucher. How about a voucher to pay for transport from SFO to SJC?? That was 60 bucks and an hour and a half lost from my pocket.

Oh well. At least I got to spend some time in Tennessee, and Raju came with me.