August 17, 2009

We spent the earlier part of this year searching for a house, then we finally found one, put in an offer, luckily didn’t get that one, found another (which we actually had found previously, but it took us a while to decide it was right), found out someone else had put in an offer, we put in an offer, got in contract, and finally bought a house. Then reality set in – houses cost money. The life we knew was gone. The savings we had was gone; in its place is home equity. Welcome to grown up life, Courtney.

I make this sound bad, when really, it’s great. I wouldn’t trade it for the world; it’s really nice having a place to call home, though it’s taking a while to sink in that it’s ours. It’s a new project on a grander scale than previous projects. Walls to paint, tiles to break, bricks to fix, rooms to decorate. Grown up furniture, guest bedrooms, in-laws visiting. A bar that hides the liquor instead of showcasing it.

But my creations these days are very domestic. A decorated house, a yummy meal, a tomato or a cayenne pepper I grew and used in dinner. I have trouble with that, but I also enjoy that. There’s not enough time to create – art, dinner, a home – and work. Actually, I’m sure there is; I’m just lazy. Or maybe I just have too many ideas and not enough focus.

Ahh, but I’ve finally posted another post. I’ve put images back on Etsy for sale. I can make a resolution now to do better, to promote myself, to set aside time to work on the site, the blog, the art (as I haven’t created anything in 2 years now), exercise, learn new languages — all that stuff I want to do, but never get around to. Instead of resolutions, though, we’ll just see what happens. Resolutions, even made in August, seem to be the thing you break. At least, for me.

Pics of the house, in various states >>>

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