Nostalgia – It creeps up when you least expect it.

November 4, 2010

The other day, I stumbled upon a this movie on Door Sixteen’s blog and man did it take me back to college. Freshman year, our foundation professor, Gretchen, showed this to us. I believe it was right before we had an assignment to photograph a sculpture we’d just built, to give us some insight into perspective. It’s a pretty cool video, though I remember being bored by the end. I get it already!! Let’s get on with the work!

As I watched this, I began to think of the other videos we’d watched in classes. I suddenly remembered “Duck & Cover” – a fun cartoon propaganda film from the 50s that I thought was a good 30 minutes long, but apparently it’s only 10 minutes (or the posted YouTube version has been shortened). Being the snarky smart ass I was (still am, actually), I had a great few pages of notes about this that I stumbled upon not long ago. I think it started with something about the monkeys are actually the commie bastards we should be worried about, and I know there had to be a part about Paul and Patty being “ready”.

I continued my trip down nostalgia lane, deciding I must find the Tom Thumb movie I lost a while back. I finally found the first clip of it on YouTube, and as I watched it, I knew I must have it again. So onto Amazon I go, to order The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb. It’s a rather macabre take on the story of Tom Thumb, and the stop motion is just awesome. It’s hard to believe this was made 15 years ago; I find the movie so timeless.

So there’s my trip down college-memories lane. What are yours?

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