Food, Inc.

April 21, 2010

Food Inc movie poster

So tonight, the hubby is out. I decided to sit down, have a bottle of wine, and unwind. Checking the Netflix queue I settled upon Food, Inc. to watch, probably because of a quiz on YumSugar today about the same movie.

I was perusing the CB2 catalog, and half-watching this movie, while sipping my wine. Afterall, I’ve read Fast Food Nation and In Defense of Food. Not to mention Fat Land and The End of Overeating. I’ve watched my great-grandparents grow their own food, and I’ve started doing that on my own (yet to harvest, but SOON! at least on the broccoli rabe and Asian greens).

Slowly, I began paying more attention. First it was the chicks on a conveyor belt. Do you know how adorable chicks are? Those cute yellow birds that slide down the waterslide at the state fair? Imagine them on a conveyor belt, being stamped on the forehead. (more…)


Jingle Bells are Ringing, part 2

November 10, 2009

Apparently this is a popular title for me. I saw this commercial last night and my first thought was “Island of Misfit Toys!!!”. I always loved this part, partially because of the polka-dotted elephant. I should make myself one.

Then I saw the iPhone come in, and the rest of the commercial played out, and I thought, “Awesome!”. I have nothing against the iPhone, and the Verizon “map for that” commercial was rather clever, but this one just cracks me up. It has a pop culture reference with zing. Who wouldn’t love that?